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Energized Oxygen Supplements

Combines designer nutrition and cell oxygenation for enhanced physical and cognitive vitality and important anti aging co-factors.

We have spent more than 20 years researching neuro-performance, rejuvenation, longevity and higher states of consciousness. The sublingual liquid supplements feature colloidal suspension for 80% improved absorption over regular supplements. All formulations are energetically vitalized for high vitality. They are synergistic in nature, and we have designed them to be taken as a group for optimum benefits.

All of our oxygen supplements are energized with Life Energy Amplification™
for higher physical and cognitive functioning



OxyBliss - We Design Beautiful Energy
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Oxygen Research Institute provides advanced tools for spiritual awakening using breakthrough technologies in energy medicine, oxygen supplements, far infrared and magnetic therapies, and alternative health pproducts designed to release stress and increase vitality, higher consciousness and altered states. Our Life Energy Amplifiers are the ulitmate tool for consciously creating your most desirable realities.